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This is the website home to breaking news enthusiasts seeking to improve their skills at news spotting, collecting, and distribution in and around the New York City area. You can read much more about the project in detail here.

Important Note: this project is not yet at full production capacity. Posts on the blog are rare and the Saturday Night SJ sessions are sporadic. The site is experimental only but I encourage the curious to bookmark, follow the Twitter account, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Press-Free Resources

Radio Communication Resources

It's surprisingly niche knowledge that anyone can purchase a receiver from Radio Shack (even today during Radio Shack's glorified cell-phone Kioski era) and tune into police and radio communication. This is a dated hobby that the author of this website once made a pretty loud campaign about although it's still true today. Buy a police scanner and tune into the action and in-depth knowledge a peek behind operational doors allows. These websites feature resources and insight to help. (Note: Digital technology including an increasing reliance on text and the convenience of one-to-one voice communication have put the kind of communication you can easily intercept using a police scanner on a path of deprecation. However, wide-area analog voice communication is extremely efficient, safe, and inexpensive, and not likely to completely disappear for decades).

Twitter Feeds Places to Submit and Distribute

Prior to a mature social web the place to take footage or other media you captured might be a local TV station. These days it makes little sense functionally or perhaps even in principal (the monetized media will seek to profit from your footage first and distribute second). These are places you can work to submit to the web directly.

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Record and distribute the news yourself in New York City.


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